Thursday, May 14, 2009

Study Circles

After completion of the facilitator training and the several community meeting the following action items were identified:

  • Establishment of a Horizons Club at the Wahluke High School
  • Improve and/or increase local Public Transportation
  • Increase the understanding that higher education plays in reducing poverty, and how it can be accessed
  • Increase participation in local governmental agencies by youth.
  • Increase knowledge of the gang presence (and preventative measures) to the community
  • Increase knowledge of how parent can access local educational establishment.
  • Increase community knowledge of existing social service programs and how to better access their services
  • Increase the communities knowledge and prevention efforts in teen pregnancy, domestic violence and other factors that contribute to generational poverty.
  • Increase the knowledge and provide the skills that help in the communities grant writing and fundraising efforts to increase community sustainability.

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